Terms Of Service


Appointment Policy

All Notary Appointments must be met on-time unless previously agreed otherwise between Notary and Client.  

Appointments will be automatically cancelled if client is more than 15 minutes late without notice. 

Refunds will be issued back to the original form of payment upon cancellations with the exception of a $20 non refundable travel fee charge IF the notary has arrived to meeting location prior to cancellation. 

We ask for at least three hours courtesy notice before cancellation of appointments in order for us to  be able to issue a full refund.


It is the responsibility of the signer(s) to make sure the proper type(s) of identification is available for the Notary to be able to complete the agreed upon job. 

NO EXEPTIONS will be granted as we must comply with State and Federal laws in order to retain our Commission.  

In the event that the signer cannot provide the proper identification documents at time of service, the appointment will be immediately cancelled and a refund will be issued back to the original form of payment with the exception of a $20 dollar non-refundable fee for the Notary's traveling expenses. 

Please talk to your Notary prior to booking if you have any questions regarding required identification documents, etc.


It is important that the signer(s) is able to communicate properly and clearly with the Notary during the provision of services, 

The Signer(s) must be aware and coherent and able to execute the documents in question during the Notary's visit.

 In the event that the signer is deemed incoherent or unable to communicate, the appointment will be immediately cancelled, and services suspended as required by law. 

Our Notaries are fluent in the English and Spanish languages, able to read and write both, as well as speak them too. 

ASL is not currently a versed language for our Notaries.


Our Notaries are fully vaccinated, proof of vaccination is available upon request. 

Masks are not required during your appointment, but our notaries will wear a mask, as we come into contact with many people daily/weekly.

 If you require a special accommodation, please arrange for it during your appointment booking so that we may try our best to oblige.


Notaries are in no way authorized to provide legal aid or suggest/advice the public in  the type of notarization needed, so please make sure your documents are filled out correctly and you know what type of service you will be requesting prior to calling us to book for services. 

We are not Attorneys!



California Executive Services Agency is an all inclusive business and we welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual identity/orientation or disability. 

We strive to serve our community in a compassionate, fair and decent manner and pride ourselves in treating every human being with kindness, professionalism, respect and equality.